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MESSENGER: GRS Reduced Data Records

The MESSENGER GRS Reduced Data Records (RDRs) contain the sum of one Earth year of Ge
raw spectral data and Ge anti-coincidence spectral data. Each RDR is organized as a binary 52-column data table containing summed spectra and associated data collected over one Earth year, with a detached ASCII text PDS label file. The files are grouped in directories by Earth year, month, and day.

The GRS RDRs are stored along with the GRS Calibrated Data Records (CDRs) and Derived Analysis Products (DAPs) on PDS volume MESSGRS_2001. Please see below for direct access to the volume.  Only directories pertaining to the RDRs are listed below.  Alternatively, to search the archive for data that meet particular criteria, e.g. time and location, use the Mercury Orbital Data Explorer (ODE).

AAREADME.TXT Introduction to the archive
ERRATA.TXT Notes and errata
CATALOG directory Information about the archive in the PDS Catalog
DATA/2011/03 directory GRS RDRs for data acquired from Mar. 24, 2011 through Mar. 31, 2011
DATA/2011/04 directory GRS RDRs for data acquired from Apr. 2, 2011 through Apr. 30, 2011
DATA/2011/05 directory GRS RDRs for data acquired from May 1, 2011 through May 10, 2011
DOCUMENT directory Documentation needed to understand the GRS CDR/RDR/DAP data products
INDEX directory Index of all products in the archive
LABEL directory Files that describe the format of the GRS tables
SOFTWARE directory Information about software for reading the GRS tables
Root directory Top-level directory of the volume

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