Contents of the Viking Lander 2 EDR Image Archive

The Viking Lander EDR Image Archive is published on two CD-ROMs, one containing data from Viking Lander 1 and the other containing data from Viking Lander 2. The documentation is the same on both CD-ROMs.

The CD-ROMs are organized into a series of subdirectories below the top-level directory. The following table shows the structure and content of the directories on the Viking Lander 2 CD-ROM. In the table, directory names are enclosed in square brackets ( [ ] ).

Top-level directory
|- AAREADME.TXT Overview of archive contents.
|- AAREADME.HTM Hypertext version of AAREADME.TXT file.
|- ERRATA.TXT List of comments and errors for this volume set.
|- VOLDESC.CAT Description of the contents of this CD-ROM volume in PDS label format.
|- [CATALOG] Directory containing PDS catalog information about the Viking Lander image EDR data set.
|- |- CATINFO.TXT Description of files in the CATALOG directory.
|- |- <files>.CAT Files describing the Viking mission, spacecraft, instrument, and the EDR data set.
|- [DOCUMENT] Directory containing document files.
|- |- DOCINFO.TXT Description of files in DOCUMENT directory.
|- |- CDVOLSIS.TXT Software Interface Specification (SIS) document for the CD-ROM.
|- |- CDVOLSIS.HTM Hypertext version of the CDVOLSIS.TXT document.
|- |- VOLINFO.TXT Overview of the mission, imaging instrument, and the archiving process.
|- |- VOLINFO.HTM Hypertext version of the VOLINFO.TXT document.
|- [INDEX] Directory containing index files.
|- |- INDXINFO.TXT Description of files in the INDEX directory.
|- |- CUMINDEX.TAB Cumulative index in tabular format. (2456 Kbytes)
|- |- INDEX.TAB Volume index in tabular format. (1135 Kbytes)
|- |- INDEX.LBL PDS label for INDEX.TAB.
|- [CALIB] Directory containing calibration files.
|- |- CALINFO.TXT Description of radiometric calibration files and procedures.
|- |- CALINFO.HTM Hypertext version of CALINFO.TXT document.
|- |- <files> Calibration data files.
|- [GEOM] Directory containing geometry files.
|- |- GEOMINFO.TXT Description of geometry files and procedures.
|- |- GEOMINFO.HTM Hypertext version of GEOMINFO.TXT document.
|- |- <files> Lander and camera geometry files.
|- [BROWSE] Directory containing the image browser.
|- |- INDEX.HTM Top page for browser.
|- |- [HTML] Directory with subdirectories for HTML pages.
|- |- |- [NXXX] Directories with HTML files for browse images in sequence NXXX.
|- |- [IMAGE] Directory with subdirectories for browse images.
|- |- |- [NXXX] Directories for browse images.
|- |- <files> Other image browser files.
|- [NXXX] Directories containing PDS format image files for series NXXX.
|- |- LCNXXX.FIL Individual images where L is lander number, C is camera number, N is a letter (a through j), XXX is a number between 0 and 255, and FIL is filter for each image.

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