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March 31, 2016. LOLA RADR (albedo) products, which were delivered for the first time in Release 24, have been replaced with a new set of RADRs. Only the file names have been changed; the files were incorrectly named in the previous delivery. The contents of the files have not been changed.

With this revision the LOLA RADR data set has completed peer review.  More information about this data set is in the file

March 14, 2016.
LRO Release 25 includes new LOLA EDR and RDR data acquired between September 15 and December 14, 2015, along with revisions to some previously released RDR data. See ERRATA.TXT for details.

All Release 25 data products are online at the LOLA Data Node and here at the PDS Geosciences Node. Users are encouraged to access the data from the LOLA Data Node, as it may be updated more frequently than the Geosciences Node archive.

LOLA is the Lunar Orbiter Laser Altimeter, which determines the global topography of the lunar surface at high resolution. LOLA data sets are produced by the LOLA Science Team at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD.

The LOLA Data Node is the primary source for LOLA data products. The Data Node, managed by the LOLA Science Team, is updated more  frequently than the three-month intervals between LRO deliveries to PDS. Users who require the most recent LOLA data should use the Lunar Orbital Data Explorer (ODE) to locate and download the data at the LOLA Data Node.

Latest LOLA Data

Lunar Orbital Data Explorer Lunar Orbital Data Explorer - Search, display, and download  the most recently released data from the LOLA Data Node.

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LOLA Frequently Asked Questions
LOLA RDR Software - Translate binary RDR files into comma-separated-value text files for use in spreadsheets, space-separated tables for plotting, or binary "xyz" format for use with mapping tools.
PDS Catalog Files
EDR Data Set Description
RDR Data Set Description
RADR Data Set Description
GDR Data Set Description
SHADR Data Set Description
LOLA Instrument Description
Software Interface Specifications (SISs)
LOLA EDR Data Product SIS (PDF, 969 KB)
LOLA RDR Data Product SIS (PDF, 792 KB)
LOLA Archive Volume SIS (PDF, 556 KB)
LOLA Team Web Site

Archived Copy of LOLA Data Sets at the Geosciences Node


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