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MRO: Gravity / Radio Science

April 29, 2016. The derived gravity product GMM3_120_SHA has been revised. See ERRATA.TXT.

March 28, 2016. A handful of raw data products have been removed from the EDR archive because the team found them to be invalid. A few new EDR products have been added. See ERRATA.TXT.

February 29, 2016. Raw radio science data for Release 36 are now online covering the period May 9 through August 8, 2015. This release also includes new derived data in the form of a new spherical harmonics gravity model (SHADR and SHBDR) and several new digital maps. 

The MRO Gravity / Radio Science Field Investigation Package on MRO studies the Doppler shift in the radio communications signal to determine the gravitational field. Gravity / radio science data sets are produced by the investigation team based at Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Maryland.

Gravity / Radio Science Data Sets

Online Tools

Mars Orbital Data Explorer Website Mars Orbital Data Explorer - Provides search, display, and download  tools for MRO Gravity/Radio Science data.

Related Information

The Gravity / Radio Science EDR Data Product Software Interface Specification (HTML)

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The Gravity / Radio Science SHBDR SIS (PDF)

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The Gravity / Radio Science Team  Web Site


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