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PDS Geosciences Node, Washington University in St. Louis
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Magellan Global Vector Data Record (GVDR)

The GVDR is a sorted collection of scattering and emission measurements. The sorting is into a grid of equal area 'pixels' distributed regularly about the planet. For data acquired from the same pixel but in different observing geometries, there is a second level of sorting to accommodate the different geometrical conditions. The 'pixel' dimension is 18.225 km. The GVDR is presented in Sinusoidal Equal Area (equatorial), Mercator (equatorial), and Polar Stereographic (polar) projections.

Click on the links to view files and directories in the data set.

Online Data

Use the links for direct access to any part of volume GVDR_0001.

root directory Top level of data set
aareadme.txt Introduction to the archive
errata.txt Comments and errata concerning this archive volume
catalog directory Contains descriptions of the data set, instrument, spacecraft, and mission from the PDS catalog
document directory Contains documents describing the GVDR product
gvdr directory Global vector data
index directory Contains index of GVDR products
software directory Contains source code and compiled programs for reading the GVDR files

Data Set Producer

This archive was produced by Michael J. Maurer and Richard A. Simpson, Stanford University. The Magellan Investigator for this work was G. Leonard Tyler. Please direct any questions and comments to the PDS Geosciences Node,


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