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PDS Geosciences Node, Washington University in St. Louis
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Viking Orbiter IRTM

Data from the Infrared Thermal Mapper (IRTM) experiment on the Viking Orbiters is archived at the PDS Geosciences Node. 

This is one of the earliest data sets archived in PDS. At the time (1989) the data formats and standards now in use by PDS were not fully in place, so this archive is not as complete or as  accessible as later archives.

The Viking IRTM data have been archived twice in PDS: the first time in 1989 with the format and software that were then in use by the data provider, and again in 1994 using a revised format and software that were intended to be compatible with the TES data format (the Thermal Emission Spectrometer on Mars Global Surveyor). Both versions of the IRTM data are provided here.

Use the links below for direct access to any part of the two archives.

IRTM Version 1 (1989)

Volume VO_0001  
Root directory Top level directory on the archive volume
AAREADME.TXT Introduction to the archive
VOLDESC.SFD Text file with information for the PDS catalog
CATALOG Directory containing a catalog of IRTM observations
DOCUMENT Directory containing documentation for the IRTM data set and the XG software package
INDEX Directory containing Index tables of IRTM data files
LABEL Directory containing label fragments that define columns in IRTM data tables
SOFTWARE Directory containing the XG software package for reading IRTM data (in Fortran)
VO1DATA Directory containing Viking Orbiter 1 IRTM data files in "partially transposed table" format
VO2DATA Directory containing Viking Orbiter 2 IRTM data files in "partially transposed table" format

IRTM Version 2 (1994)

Volume VO_0001 Volume VO_0002  
Root directory Root directory Top level directory on the archive volume
README.TXT README.TXT Introduction to the archive
VOLDESC.CAT VOLDESC.CAT Text file with information for the PDS catalog
CIRTM.TAR CIRTM.TAR TAR-compressed file with CIRTM software for reading data (in C)
TDB.TAR TDB.TAR TAR-compressed file with TES Data Base software, used with CIRTM (in C)
DOC DOC Directory containing documentation for data and software
DSC DSC Directory containing descriptor files for use with TES data base
VO1_DATA VO2_DATA Directory containing IRTM data files in CIRTM-readable format

August 8, 2012

A user discovered that the file IRTM_ENVS mentioned in the CIRTM documentation is missing from the CIRTM tar file in the Version 2 archive. The file has been recovered and placed in the DOC directories of VO_0001 and VO_0002, version 2.  Here's the link to IRTM_ENVS.


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