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MSL: SAM (Sample Analysis at Mars)

March 19, 2024. SAM EDR data for sols 3903-3999 have been added to the SAM EDR safed data set.

March 15, 2024. MSL Release 35 includes new SAM derived (RDR) data from sols 3903-3999, July 29, 2023 - November 6, 2023.

The Sample Analysis at Mars (SAM) instrument suite includes a mass spectrometer, a gas chromatograph, and a tunable laser spectrometer. The mass spectrometer will separate elements and compounds by mass for identification and measurement. The gas chromatograph will heat soil and rock samples until they vaporize, and will then separate the resulting gases into various components for analysis. The laser spectrometer will measure the abundance of various isotopes of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen in atmospheric gases such as methane, water vapor, and carbon dioxide. SAM data sets are produced by the SAM Team at Goddard Space Flight Center.

SAM Data Sets

Raw Data Products
SAM raw (EDR) products are safed, but not formally archived in PDS. They have not been peer-reviewed and are not considered Certified Data by PDS.

Users considering the SAM EDR data set are recommended to use the lowest-level RDR data set instead. This RDR product contains the same data as the EDR but with non-science-related telemetry removed.

For completeness, the SAM EDR safed data set is made available here.
Derived Data Products
RDR - Reduced Data Records - all processing levels:
  • Level 0 -Unpacked raw instrument values or counts
  • Level 1A - Conversion of raw values to science units
  • Level 1B - Corrections applied to science data
  • Level 2 - Results of data interpretation

Online Tools

MSL ANB MSL Analyst's Notebook  -  This PDS Geosciences Node tool provides access to MSL data in the context of mission operations -- by sol, location, instrument, and other criteria.

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