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PDS Geosciences Node, Washington University in St. Louis
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2001 Mars Odyssey: Radio Science

Odyssey Radio Science data sets are produced by Richard Simpson, PDS Radio Science Subnode at Stanford University, and archived by the Geosciences Node.

About Radio Science Data Products

These volumes contain archival raw, partially processed, and ancillary/supporting radio science data acquired during the Mars Mapping phase of the 2001 Mars Odyssey mission. The radio observations were carried out using the Odyssey spacecraft and Earth-based receiving stations of the NASA Deep Space Network (DSN). The observations were designed to provide information for the Odyssey Navigation Team to reconstruct and predict the spacecraft trajectory. They may also have value in improving the model of the gravity field of Mars.

Each volume contains data from part of the mapping period. The Mapping phase began in February 2002 and was scheduled to run for one Mars year. Data are organized in approximate chronological order; receipt of data at Stanford was generally more important in determining placement than strict order of generation or applicability. An index table is included with each volume, listing each file in the volume; a separate cumulative index table shows all files within the set of volumes.

Radio Science Archive Volumes Online

Radio Science Data
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The Odyssey Project has no formal Radio Science team; therefore there has been no formal scientific review of these data. These data are being archived by the PDS Radio Science Subnode to make the data equally available to all who might be interested. These data will be put into the public domain as quickly as possible in order to make it most useful to the largest number of people.

If you note omissions and/or errors, please make notes and send them to Dick Simpson (  and we will either try to make the repairs and/or ensure that the deficiencies are not repeated on future volumes. This will constitute the PDS "peer review" by which the suitability of the volumes for long-term archive is judged.


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