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PDS Geosciences Node, Washington University in St. Louis
Geosciences Node Data
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Laboratory Data

The Geosciences Node archives laboratory-based data sets that have relevance to planetary studies.

The Apollo Soil Reflectance Data Set consists of bidirectional reflectance distribution function measurements of Apollo samples at several wavelengths, acquired by the Bloomsburg University Goniometer (BUG) (Michael Shepard, Bloomsburg University).

The Mars Analog Soil BUG observations are bidirectional reflectance distribution function (BRDF) measurements of Mars soil analogs acquired by the Bloomsburg University Goniometer (BUG) (Michael Shepard, Bloomsburg University).

The Mars Analog Handlens-Scale Image Data Base is a collection of images and measurements of potential martian analog features and materials taken at 10 micrometers per pixel, approximately the scale of a geologist's handlens (Aileen Yingst, Planetary Science Institute).

The Laboratory Shocked Feldspars bundle consists of data acquired from thin sections created from a suite of experimentally shocked plagioclase feldspars, and a basalt and basaltic andesite (Jeff Johnson, JHU Applied Physics Laboratory).

The Complex Refractive Indices of Carbonates bundle consists of estimates of the visible to mid-infrared (VMIR, ~0.3-6 micrometer) complex refractive indices of the carbonates calcite, dolomite, and magnesite (Ted Roush, NASA Ames Research Center).

The Astromaterials Database bundle is a compendium of published geochemical data on astromaterials analyzed in terrestrial laboratories (Kerstin Lehnert, Columbia University).

The Ronald Greeley 35mm Slide Collection consists of slides digitized to preserve the research materials of Dr. Ronald Greeley, who played a critical role in the planetary missions to the planets of the inner and outer Solar System (David Williams, Arizona State University).

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