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Mars 2020: SuperCam (LIBS, Raman, Time-Resolved Fluorescence, VIS/IR, RMI)

Mar. 29, 2024. Mars 2020 Release 9 includes new SuperCam data from sols 900 through 1019, August 31, 2023 through January 1, 2024. See the Release Notes for details.

The Mars 2020 SuperCam instrument identifies the chemical composition of rocks and soils using a camera, lasers, and spectrometers. From more than 7 meters away, it can determine the atomic and molecular makeup of targets as small as a pencil point. SuperCam is located on the head of the rover's long-necked mast.

SuperCam Release Notes

SuperCam Release Notes contain information about the archive and errata, if any. They are updated with each release.

Collections in the SuperCam Archive Bundle

Introduction to the SuperCam Archive Bundle (readme.txt)
SuperCam Bundle Root Directory
SuperCam Document collection
SuperCam Calibrated Audio data collection
SuperCam Calibrated Spectra data collection
SuperCam Derived Spectra data collection
SuperCam Data Observation Log data collection
SuperCam Calibrated RMI Image data collection
SuperCam Raw Audio data collection
SuperCam Raw Spectra data collection
SuperCam Raw RMI data collection (at the CIS Node)
SuperCam Annotated RMI Mosaic data collection
SuperCam Calibration data collection
Mars 2020 Mission Camera Document collection (secondary member)
Mars 2020 Mission Camera Calibration collection (secondary member)
Mars 2020 Mission Miscellaneous collection (secondary member)


Readme.txt gives a high-level overview of the SuperCam Bundle.

The SuperCam Bundle Software Interface Specification (SIS)  describes the contents, format, and structure of the bundle. Users who are unfamiliar with PDS archives should read this first.

The SuperCam PDS User Guide summarizes information from other documents that is likely to be most useful to the science user.

The SuperCam EDR and RDR SIS describes the data products generated by the SuperCam instrument suite, including how they are processed and labeled. The SIS is a detailed document intended for use in mission operations as well as by science users of the archive.


MSL ANB Mars 2020 Analyst's Notebook  - This PDS Geosciences Node tool provides access to Perseverance data in the context of mission operations -- by sol, location, instrument, and other criteria.
  PDS4 Viewer - This standalone tool displays PDS4-labeled images and tables. Available for Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms. Source code and Python library also available.





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