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PDS Geosciences Node, Washington University in St. Louis
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Mars 2020 DOIs (Digital Object Identifiers)

DOIs are unique, permanent digital identifiers that may be used locate data and documents online. The following DOIs have been assigned to Mars 2020 data archived in PDS.

Name PDS Logical Identifier DOI
Cache Cameras Bundle, calibrated products urn:nasa:pds:mars2020_cachecam_ops_calibrated 10.17189/47kr-ta40
Cache Cameras Bundle, raw products urn:nasa:pds:mars2020_cachecam _ops_raw 10.17189/fj04-a390
Engineering Cameras Bundle** urn:nasa:pds:mars2020_ecam 10.17189/1522847
EDLCAM Raw Video and Audio Bundle** urn:nasa:pds:m2020_edlcam_raw 10.17189/1522910
EDL and Lander Visual System Cameras Bundle, audio products* urn:nasa:pds:mars2020_edlcam_ops_audio 10.17189/ebqj-wz88
EDL and Lander Visual System Cameras Bundle, calibrated products* urn:nasa:pds:mars2020_edlcam_ops_calibrated 10.17189/ccya-fk09
EDL and Lander Visual System Cameras Bundle, raw products urn:nasa:pds:mars2020_edlcam_ops_raw 10.17189/hkah-6a45
EDL and Lander Visual System Cameras Bundle, video products* urn:nasa:pds:mars2020_edlcam_ops_video 10.17189/a2y2-2838
Hazard Cameras Bundle, calibrated products* urn:nasa:pds:mars2020_hazcam_ops_calibrated 10.17189/bb6h-b069
Hazard Cameras Bundle, mesh products* urn:nasa:pds:mars2020_hazcam_ops_mesh 10.17189/0gpr-ts68
Hazard Cameras Bundle, mosaic products* urn:nasa:pds:mars2020_hazcam_ops_mosaic 10.17189/w93h-5w52
Hazard Cameras Bundle, raw products urn:nasa:pds:mars2020_hazcam_ops_raw 10.17189/282b-1524
Hazard Cameras Bundle, stereo products* urn:nasa:pds:mars2020_hazcam_ops_stereo 10.17189/twe0-gs59
Helicopter Camera Suite Bundle urn:nasa:pds:mars2020_helicam 10.17189/1522845
Image Operations Bundle urn:nasa:pds:mars2020_imgops 10.17189/1522846
Mast Camera Zoom Bundle** urn:nasa:pds:mars2020_mastcamz 10.17189/1522843
Mast Camera Zoom Bundle, from Operations Team, calibrated products* urn:nasa:pds:mars2020_mastcamz_ops_calibrated 10.17189/bs6b-4782
Mast Camera Zoom Bundle, from Operations Team, mesh products* urn:nasa:pds:mars2020_mastcamz_ops_mesh 10.17189/n6e9-1z98
Mast Camera Zoom Bundle, from Operations Team, mosaic products* urn:nasa:pds:mars2020_mastcamz_ops_mosaic 10.17189/bmkq-nm72
Mast Camera Zoom Bundle, from Operations Team, raw products urn:nasa:pds:mars2020_mastcamz_ops_raw 10.17189/twxd-mb70
Mast Camera Zoom Bundle, from Operations Team, stereo products* urn:nasa:pds:mars2020_mastcamz_ops_stereo 10.17189/wshk-t786
Mast Camera Zoom Bundle, from ASU Mastcam-Z Instrument Team, calibrated products urn:nasa:pds:mars2020_mastcamz_sci_calibrated 10.17189/q3ts-c749
MEDA Bundle urn:nasa:pds:mars2020_meda 10.17189/1522849
Mission Bundle urn:nasa:pds:mars2020_mission 10.17189/1522642
MOXIE Bundle urn:nasa:pds:mars2020_moxie 10.17189/1522850
Navigation Cameras Bundle, calibrated products* urn:nasa:pds:mars2020_navcam_ops_calibrated 10.17189/yvkm-rx37
Navigation Cameras Bundle, mesh products* urn:nasa:pds:mars2020_navcam_ops_mesh 10.17189/6q2j-q039
Navigation Cameras Bundle, mosaic products* urn:nasa:pds:mars2020_navcam_ops_mosaic 10.17189/0sxn-zb41
Navigation Cameras Bundle, raw products urn:nasa:pds:mars2020_navcam_ops_raw 10.17189/d3nm-pp09
Navigation Cameras Bundle, stereo products* urn:nasa:pds:mars2020_navcam_ops_stereo 10.17189/x2k7-1v48
Rover PLACES Bundle urn:nasa:pds:mars2020_rover_places 10.17189/btz6-5a82
PIXL Raw and Processed Data Bundle urn:nasa:pds:mars2020_pixl 10.17189/1522645
RIMFAX Bundle urn:nasa:pds:mars2020_rimfax 10.17189/1522644
Rover Bundle* urn:nasa:pds:mars2020_rover 10.17189/1522844
SHERLOC Bundle urn:nasa:pds:mars2020_sherloc 10.17189/1522643
SPICE Bundle urn:nasa:pds:mars2020.spice 10.17189/1522854
SuperCam Bundle urn:nasa:pds:mars2020_supercam 10.17189/1522646

* not yet available
** superseded



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