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Mars 2020: Rover PLACES Bundle

March 22, 2022. Mars 2020 Release 3 includes the first release of the Rover PLACES bundle, covering all data acquired through February 18, 2022, 23:00 PST, or approximately sols 0-355..

The PLACES bundle has now completed its PDS peer review. In response to a reviewer's comment, a correction was made on March 23 to one of the Data Localization products, best_interp.csv. Users who downloaded this product before March 23 are advised to get the newest version of best_interp.csv and its label best_interp.csv.xml

The Mars 2020 Rover PLACES Bundle contains rover localizations and mechanism positions, along with ancillary data, extracted from the PLACES (Position Localization and Attitude Correction Estimate Storage) data base used in Perseverance rover operations.

Rover PLACES Bundle Release Notes

The Rover PLACES Release Notes contain information about the bundle and any errata. They are updated with each release.

Collections in the Mars 2020 Rover PLACES Bundle

Rover PLACES Bundle Root Directory
Data Localizations collection
Data Mechanisms collection
Data Maps collection
Data Orbital collection
Data Ancillary collection
Document collection


The Rover PLACES Software Interface Specification (SIS) describes the contents and organization of the products and collections in the bundle.

Appendix B of the Rover PLACES SIS is an extraction of parts of the Pointing, Positioning, Phasing, & Coordinate Systems (PPPCS) document that are relevant to understanding the mechanism angles in PLACES data.


MSL ANB Mars 2020 Analyst's Notebook  - This PDS Geosciences Node tool provides access to Perseverance data in the context of mission operations -- by sol, location, instrument, and other criteria.
  PDS4 Viewer - This standalone tool displays PDS4-labeled images and tables. Available for Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms. Source code and Python library also available.







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