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Mars Global Surveyor: TES Thermal Inertia Maps

This data set consists of thermal inertia maps derived using Mars Global Surveyor Thermal Emission Spectrometer thermal bolometer temperature observations. The observations used to generate the maps were acquired over three Mars-years from orbit 1583 to orbit 24346 (February 1999 to April 2004). Maps use only nightside or dayside data with surface temperatures between 160 and 400 K. The derived range is 5 to 5000 J/(m^2*K*sqrt(s)). Higher and lower values are not computed. The data were provided by Nathaniel E. Putzig, Southwest Research Institute, and Michael T. Mellon, University of Colorado Boulder.


Archive Contents

Root Directory - Start here for access to the entire volume.

AAREADME.TXT - Introduction to the thermal inertia map archive. Read this first.
VOLDESC.CAT - Description of the volume contents as a PDS catalog object.

INDEX Directory - The INDEX directory contains a PDS index file for this archive. An index file is an ASCII table with each record (or line) in the table containing information about a single data product in archive. See the file INDXINFO.TXT for additional details.

  • INDEX.TAB - A list of all data files in the archive. Use this file to browse the data. This file is described by the label INDEX.LBL.

DATA Directory - This data set comprises several images that include thermal inertia maps and interpolation masks. Thermal inertia map images contain thermal inertia values derived from MGS TES thermal bolometer temperature observations. An interpolation mask, denoted by "msk" in the product filename, is provided for each map, which identifies those pixels where the map has been infilled by interpolation. If the interpolated pixels are not desired, they can be removed by multiplying the thermal inertia map by the associated interpolation mask. Each data product is accompanied by a detached PDS label.

Online Access

CATALOG Directory - Files in the CATALOG directory are text files containing documentation formatted in PDS object description language. The files contain information about the MGS Mission, TES instrument, the data set, the data set map projection, references, and personnel involved in archiving the data. The contents of this directory are described in CATINFO.TXT.

BROWSE Directory - The BROWSE directory contains colorized JPEG versions of the thermal inertia maps. Each image is accompanied by a detached PDS label. The contents of this directory are described in BROWINFO.TXT.

Online Access

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