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PDS Geosciences Node, Washington University in St. Louis
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52nd Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (2021)

The Geosciences Node participated in the all-virtual 52nd LPSC, which was held March 15-19, 2021. The format of virtual poster used at this conference was not suitable for long-term preservation; here we provide exported versions of these posters that preserve all their text and figures.

Poster Title & Authors Abstract Poster
PDS Analyst's Notebook for InSight Mars Lander [#2336]
Authors: Stein T. C., Arvidson R. E., Zhou F.
Abstract Summary: The PDS Analyst�s Notebook for the InSight Mars Lander is a web application containing peer-reviewed, publicly available data, supported by documentation describing context for the observations, processing methodology, and data formats.
Abstract (PDF) Poster (PDF)
Pilot Data Analysis of PDS Geosciences Data in the Cloud with the Java CRISM Analysis Tool (JCAT) [#2396]
Authors: Politte D. V., Arvidson R. E., Stein T. C., Arvidson L. E.
Abstract Summary: We provide a rationale and methodology for the analysis of planetary data on the cloud, with CRISM analysis as an example.
Abstract (PDF) Poster (PDF)
Recent Updates of the PDS Geosciences Node�s Orbital Data Explorer [#1394]
Authors: Wang J., Scholes D., Arvidson R. E., Guinness E. A., Zhou F.
Abstract Summary: A brief introduction of NASA�s PDS Geosciences Node�s web-based search tool, ODE, and a summary of its latest update in data inventory and web interface for improved orbital data search and download across missions and instruments.
Abstract (PDF) Poster (PDF)

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