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PDS Geosciences Node, Washington University in St. Louis
Geosciences Node Data
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What to Expect if Your Proposal is Accepted

If you can't find what you need here, check the Geosciences Node Data Providers' Forum to see if your question has already been discussed. You may post a question in the Forum (after signing up for a free account), or you may email your question to

Do you need a letter of support from the PDS Geosciences Node for your proposal? See our Proposal Letter Requests page.

If your proposal is accepted, we'll work closely with you starting in the first year to establish a schedule, define data structures, design PDS labels, design the components of the archive, and prepare for the peer review. Data archiving is a continuous process, conducted throughout your proposal period, and must not be left for the last few months.

Please send us your Data Management Plan (DMP) as soon as possible, which we will use to establish an archiving schedule. While every project is unique, for a typical three-year project your milestone timeline should attempt to follow the example below, where possible:

Example Schedule

  • Outline roles, responsibilities, and bundle architecture (Q1)

  • Finalize bundle and collection architecture (Q4)

  • Provide first sample data product type (Q6)

  • Provide last sample data product type (Q9)

  • Create bundle, collection, and product labels (Q10)

  • Create bundle documentation (Q10)

  • Peer review (Q11)

  • Bundle release (Q12)

Quarterly Reporting

  • We are required to report to NASA Headquarters quarterly, so it is important to stay connected with us throughout the process and to stick to the established schedule as closely as possible.

More Information

  • With a timeline for the project in hand, we should plan to work closely on the design and documentation of your data products. This process will likely require several iterations prior to final submission. Keep this in mind when considering your delivery and archiving timeline as it is best to begin archive design well before the end of your funding period, even if your final data products are not ready at that time.

  • Your data will be archived using the new PDS4 standard. You are encouraged to learn more about preparing a PDS4 archive and can do so by reading the Geosciences Node web page Help for Proposal Writers here. Additional details are provided by the Proposer's Archive Guide for Individual Proposers, located on the main PDS page here.

  • Please note that every data set archived in PDS must pass a peer review. The review committee will consist of a small number of scientists, who have relevant expertise, and a couple of PDS representatives. The review will likely result in a list of recommendations that must be addressed before the data set can be accepted. You should allocate 1-2 months for this process.


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